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21-Sep-2017 10:07

These alcoholics go on for years denying that their lives are on a downward spiral, despite these losses.

Some HFAs are lacking the "gift of desperation" that may motivate lower bottom alcoholics to get help.

For the first time he was able to admit that he was an alcoholic and was willing to do anything to save his family and career. For the last two years of my drinking, I could put away 10 to 15 beers per night - and yet my sisters and co-workers were unaware that I am an alcoholic.

Some HFAs, through a moment of grace and spirituality, are inspired to reach out for help. Seeing this subject in front of me, I just thought maybe it would help my situation. Only my daughter was aware how much time I spent drinking. I believe my spouse is a HFA...successful and very bright person.

These individuals were forced to address their alcoholism by their loved ones or by the law.

One 58-year-old man confirmed that the only reason he agreed to a 30-day stay at an alcohol rehabilitation center was because of pressure from his wife.

A 53-year-old HFA describes that the last time he drank he became violent and started to hit lights and furniture in his house with a tennis racket.

When his distraught wife approached him, he pushed her and then both his son and wife called the police.

Looking back, he can see that he had previously hit bottoms that he had ignored and his wife had forced him to confront what would become his last bottom.This first shot led to me drinking nearly the whole bottle in a very short time.

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