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It is a very real and serious subject and I am going to do my best to do it justice so that I can shine some light on another area of how real ID will effect another segment of the gaming community that needs to have their voices heard on this subject.

I hope that people who read it are mature enough to handle such a subject and that if you decide to comment please comment in a manner that is not degrading to the subject or the people I am writing about. Real ID what can I say, in the last couple of weeks my eyes and ears have been constantly bombarded by it, on forums, in the news, on Youtube and even from my own friends. I am involved in a gaming website dedicated to players that are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and yes...transgender.

Kansas City, Missouri, is located immediately south of their intersection; North Kansas City, Missouri, is to its northeast; and Kansas City, Kansas, is to the west.

The larger Kansas City Metropolitan Area as seen on a map can be visualized roughly as four quadrants: The map's northeast quadrant is locally referred to as "north of the river" or "the Northland".

Another bend in the Missouri River forms the county line between Wyandotte County, Kansas and Platte County, Missouri to the north and northeast.

Downtown almost always refers to downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

I was actually for real ID up until I changed my mind. What real ID will do is allow friends to form social networks using there real names to stay in touch in games and across realms for World of Warcraft produced by Blizzard Activision. Anyway, that is beside the point..point is with real ID it brings up a very touchy and personal situation for many players that play the game World of Warcraft that are transgender.

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Often the Wyandotte government is referred to simply as "The Unified Government".

It includes parts of Clay County, Missouri including North Kansas City, Missouri.

North Kansas City is bounded by a bend in the Missouri River that defines a border between Wyandotte County, Kansas and Clay County, Missouri running approximately North-South and a border between North Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri running approximately East-West.

Downtown is the Kansas City's historic center, located entirely within Kansas City, Missouri, and containing the city's original town site, business districts and residential neighborhoods.

Downtown is bounded by the Missouri River on the north, the Missouri-Kansas state line on the west, 31st Street on the south and the Blue River on the east.

The downtown area includes the Central Business District and its buildings, which form the city's skyline.

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