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29-Nov-2017 06:59

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Defining consolidation is complex, given the broad range of projects that are labeled in this way.Gartner divides consolidation projects into three types: One of the first types of rationalized consolidation that enterprises are looking to accomplish is to consolidate similar workloads such as Web serving, file servers, print servers, e-mail servers and database applications.At the December 2001 Gartner Data Center Conference, a similar survey found that these proportions had changed to 69 percent, 25 percent and 6 percent respectively (see Figure 1), indicating the growing desire to consolidate servers in the enterprise data center.Mainframe server and workload consolidation is well-understood and has been commonplace for the past 20 years.However, the focus is now on distributed platforms and, in particular, on server consolidation for the major Unix variants and for Windows platforms.The drive to consolidate Unix platforms actually began in 1997/98 and the main rationalization tool was the Sun Enterprise 10000 with dynamic domains.No wonder, then, that enterprises are seeking to consolidate their servers.Storage consolidation is also a growing concern, but not necessarily tied to server consolidation. There is a lack of standard definitions and confusion over the various ways that consolidation can be addressed.

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Many of the distributed servers run at very low utilizations.The high cost of labour, particularly performing mundane administrative and support tasks, is one of the key reasons why little of the IT budget is left for innovative projects that can help deliver competitive value.That's where server consolidation enters the picture.However, consolidation can provide other benefits, such as better security and higher service levels.

In some cases, though, server consolidation may increase bandwidth costs and decrease network performance beyond acceptable levels.This research covers issues raised by Gartner clients, and areas that Gartner believes are critical to understanding the confusing world of server and workload consolidation.