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Um, I believe she does this as her full-time job.” “In North America!

” squawks Aunt Barbara, pushing open the door to the main room. “I’m not coming out if I can’t get a proper introduction!

“I went to a college where weird stuff happened all the time,” says Williams. Her lips were a little “O” covered in pink frosted Lip Smackers that tasted like popsicles.

She purses her lips in the mirror, thinks of a few political jokes — — and waits for the party’s organizer to knock on the bathroom door and say it’s showtime.n the men’s bathroom of a Long Island fire station, Jennifer Bobbi Suchan puts on a black wig the size of a small raccoon.The 48-year-old tucks in pieces of her short dyed-blonde hair, shifting the cloud-shaped bob into place before securing it with a few bobby pins.They were mostly screenshots taken from films staring “Wendy James.” I laughed quietly as I read the titles linked to her page.

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There was “Trained Teens 3,” the movie that helped me buy my first car, a red convertible that made me feel so L. My skin prickled as I remembered how I’d kept the top down so I could see the palm trees, even when the wind gave my skinny arms goosebumps. But then I couldn’t find a job doing anything else.

At p.m., forty suburban women are waiting for Aunt Barbara to emerge and start selling them Tupperware in a fluorescent-lit, wood-paneled room.

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