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this is a group for amazon battles, modern female ninjas, knife fighters et one wins someone dies.please feel free to add any photos or clips to the group. ANY NON TOPIC POSTINGS WILL BE REMOVED AND YOU COULD BE BANNED FROM GROUP ONLY FOR MEN & WOMEN ( 🔞 ➕ UP ) For Dark & Wicked Sol Only?💀Are you a man or woman that fantasize about be a killer?She arched up as much as she could and gasped as he slid his whole thick length into her. Some shitskin in the alley pulls a switchblade on me demanding money. He does not know that I am wearing steel toed boots. Left that filthy nigger moaning and puking up his own blood. You know your dad is going to worry and be right pissed so you take a short cut downtown, You get off the buss and it starts to rain so you walk faster down the street and you see a group of guys hanging out drinking just ahead.She loved how full his cock always made her feel, she felt stretched tight around it, truly penetrated. when his dick pulled out of my throat I inhaled deep through my nose and he plunged his dick back in.. when I pull out and you breathe in I want you to suck my dick head and swirl your tongue in my foreskin and on my dick head... You stop knowing it's not a good idea to go that way so you duck into an alley.She felt pressure build behind her eyes and the sound of her pounding heart filled her ears. " He murmured it so low she had to ask him to repeat it. Back and forth against your little clit harder and faster I force your hand.Slightly confused, she replied with uncertainty "I don't know..." They had scarcely spoken a word during sex in previous sessions. I hear your breathing start to quicken as your pussy is getting wet from the forced pleasure you giving yourself...But on this day there was a certain new edge to the energy between them, something menacing coming to the surface as he suddenly threw her against the bed. The slight fear of him was terribly erotic and she gave herself over to it. Her entire body seemed to take on a slight posture of invitation, ready to be used, and her wide eyes flashed with willingness. In cruder terms I want you as an object, a canvass for sexual mistrust and rage"He flipped her again harshly and without warning, face-down on the bed. with my throat and mouth being numb it made it easier... I work in a metal fab shop where the management emphasizes safety. So a few days ago I get off work and drive to the other side of town to pick up a package for my flatmate and on the way back decide to stop off at a pub for a few pints.

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Then he started to pick up the pace, until soon he was drilling into her. I think HHmm there is a ripe little cunt for me to take.

they sure as hell didn't sound like they were acknowledging what was going on. The first time he fucked her it was hurried and urgent, racing the clock before his unsuspecting roommates would return home. the old guy straddled my face with his balls in my face and the fat guy got down in between my legs.. then he shimmied forward and his ass was on my mouth... with that the fat guy pulled his fingers out of my ass and dipped them in the remanding cocaine... I want you to know how dirty the dick is that is going to cum in your ass... This sort of activity went on for a couple of years until I was fifteen, then one day I was jerking off into a pair of her used panties and she walked into my room and caught me, I froze in absolute horror, then I dropped her panties on the floor turned my back to her and started saying how sorry I was and begging her not to tell my grandparents.

After barely five minutes he'd shook his head and uttered "you're too much for me" and pushed deep as he released inside her, behind latex. I hesitated for a second but quickly remembered the consequences and started to eat his ass as deep as I could... then he slid his fingers up to my mouth and shoved them in deep.. The fat guy fingered my mouth while the old man jerked off suck your fingers clean... when the fingers were clean they went back into my ass... he shot about 7 strait shots into my mouth...swallow pig... you might as well have fucked every dirty whore you could have because now you are going to have the sex of 300 fags in your ass what do you think about that.. To my total surprise she walked up behind me and and cuddled me then she reached around and took my now half hard cock in her hand and proceeded to stroke me, my cock was justing getting really hard again when all of a sudden I felt her grip get very very tight then it felt as if she was trying to rip it off and then she started screaming into my ear and letting me and the rest of the world know what a fucking pervert I was and that if she ever caught me doing anything like that again she would take a and cut it off, she pushed me forward so that I fell face down onto my bed and then she slapped me really hard on the back of my head and walked out.

He leaned forward and wrapped a strong hand around her throat, squeezing enough to cut off her breath. after about 10 minutes he grabbed the back of my head and started to really push his dick into my throat.. I start to follow you for a while making sure you don't see me.

Another flood of fear mixed with excitement washed over her and she tensed. waiting till the time is just right to make my move.

one has a meal set in front of her which she's eating and the other just has an empty plate, empty glass, silverware, napkin. she stands up, moves over to the other side of the table and pisses in the other girls glass. sets this meal in front of the other girl and she just starts digging in. I quickly moved to grab it and the old man grabbed my arms and pushed me into the corner of the back... you would go to jail for sure if we called the cops... you are going to do all of this here in one shot and that should take the edge off and make you a little more agreeable... he took the bag and emptied it onto a plate and made it into a long line... He held the plate up to my face and the old guy brought the blade up to my face as well... you will do whatever we say and then you will be returned to society.. tell me that you hope that there is spagma in my dick head... the old man was laughing now and he had started to finger my ass with his long dry fingers... I started to speak as happy and enthused as possible please sir I really want to get down in between your legs and clean your whole area with my mouth... The old guy was still laughing and fingering me hard in the ass... I knew better plus with all the drugs I was feeling so hot and horny that I was ready for anything. it hurt but then the fat guy pushed my head down to his ass eat it pig... with that he put his dick up to my mouth and start to spew.. now we will take you back to your truck and drop you off... finally after what seemed like forever they dropped me off at the car and drove off..they drove off I tried to puke but I couldnt and when I went home I showered for hours but couldnt get all of the filth off.. The following Monday I was a school and it was all normal... when I got in there was three more guys in the back...

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