Mandating minimum

22-Sep-2017 11:15

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The issue of a higher minimum wage – sometimes referred to as a living wage or a just wage – is back in the news, with a number of local and state governments enacting minimum wage ordinances.

In the current election season, it continues to be a contentious issue.

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Members without Insurance Coverage: Members of the Foreign Mission Community who do not have Motor Vehicle(s) registered with OFM, and do not have the mandated minimum level of liability insurance coverage must obtain such minimum coverage prior to the operation of rental Motor Vehicle(s) in any U. Warning: Failure to comply with these requirements could lead the Department of State to take serious action against the privilege to operate Motor Vehicle(s) in the United States. This kind of government mandate would seem to be a violation of companies’ property rights. As it says in Leviticus , “You shall not commit a perversion of justice; you shall not favor the poor, and you shall not honor the great.” It would appear that, from the perspective of private property, government coercion that mandates a higher minimum wage would not be just. Should there be some requirement for companies to pay their employees a living wage?