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11-Jul-2017 04:56

The thing that disappointed me, was that each episode only went for 15 minutes each and only had 12 episodes and the ending wasn't the best BUT it wasn't the worst.

However even with only 12 15 minute long episodes, some scenes were disturbing enough to nearly make me throw my laptop across the room, the story for the game did the same thing.

This slave-mentality (reference to Nietzsche) of accepting abuse is actually a personality trait that can develop in real life with people being routinely abused by the same people that they have the closest relationship with, like incest or a abusive boyfriend, thereby distorting their view of what to expect from a normal relationship.

And the way it so unproblematic builds this in together with the male-chauvinism really is what makes this sick and for me, this is basically an example of some problematic aspects of Japanese culture.

This anime is not for everyone but if you like harem animes, vampires a little romance, disturbing scenes and a fair amount of gore, you may enjoy this one. The plot line is very though out and we can really get in the psyche of the vampires,but...i would give it a 10 out of 10 if the chick in the anime wasn't that stupid.

She can have ANY guy she wanted (lets face it they are all damn fine)and she decides that she will run away from them. The boys are fine, the plot is fine, the original manga and game fine, the anime girl NOT fine. In short: Do not waste your time on this unless you are into boring rape fantasies and being bitten and abused on a daily basis. The beginning of the first episode when the female protagonist arrives at the house hooked me on and kept me hoping for more of the same...

Inside the house she quickly discovers that the habitants, 7 brothers, are vampires and that she is meant to be their bridal slave.Blake Shepard's voice suited Laito very well, he handled the pervy voice really well.While Corey Hertzog's voice is good, it didn't really suit Kanato's voice, some points he did really well while others, he didn't stand out.Josh Grelle's voice was perfect for Subaru, he sounded young as well as tough, and that's the kind of character Subaru is.

Anyway, overall I enjoyed it, the anime was made so that people would want to play the game, so that's why it's not the story everyone was hoping for, but like I said earlier, it's best to play the game first.When one of them,mostly Ayato, pin her down to drink her blood she can legit hit them where the sun doesn't shine,but nooooo... I was all up in here STRESSED like:"Girly grow some balls! At least for three episode which was when I decided to drop the series.

Katara, the Cultural Village, has just opened, and they had a Latin event with dancers and films a couple of weekends ago. The difference in males/females in terms of numbers gives some advantage to a woman who is looking to be in the dating market. If I wanted to find something long-term, I could find someone who is successful, if that was my goal, but it isn't.… continue reading »

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The poem read: "My brother is a movie star / And is only sixteen / He doesn't have a job yet / Still, he thinks he is the queen / If he lost me at a show / I'll be he would not care a bit / He won't even try to look / But my mom would throw a fit / Yes, he does have a good side / That shows up once in awhile / He watches my sports / Which puts upon me a smile / I guess he isn't that bad / If I think about it twice / He helps me with my homework / And always gives advice / If there's any hatred going on / It's a brotherly thing / If we fight no one gets hurt / Brothers have to fight, I think."Based on Zac's latest Instagram post, the fighting is over. film, Zac plays Cole, a 23-year-old DJ who struggles in the EDM scene and dreams of becoming a major music producer.… continue reading »

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All profiles offer the option of blocking a particular member.… continue reading »

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