Romance dating sims

06-Oct-2017 16:48

As an even clearer example of hybrids, Elven Relations is a Ren'ai VN that incorporates some RPG-like combats.

In other words, Ren'ai applies to any anime-style, romance-oriented game; but Dating Sims are specifically about simulating dating.

We should have a section on both pages explaining the difference between visual novels/AVGs (yes they are technically different but in English the same) and dating simulations.

Since it's basically been settled that dating sims and visual novels are different genres, there's confusion in this article due to visual novels also being called dating sims in the West. Then again, I'm arguing in favor of English genre definitions on the English wikipedia on Talk: Visual novel, so I can't rightly favor the Japanese source in this case just because I personally agree with it.Personally, I don't think it's a good idea, as otome games are targeted towards a total different audience compared to most games referred to as dating sims, and 'dating sims' an accepted genre anyway? Seriously, there is an angry HOMOPHOBE who delete every Yaoi article. Persona 3's social link question are good example to this.I thought there was confusion about what's a sim vs. Take it as life simulation that focus on dating, at least in good games.You may take a look at the Ren'Ai archive for an example on how these games are normally categorized (they tag the games listed by type of gameplay, by kind of relationship, and by thematic genre).

I'm not sure about how much "authoritative" can the archive be taken as a source, but I can't think of a better source, at least in English.People didn't post their comments in correct order and forgot to sign their posts.

For det første, så kan man roligt regne med, at samtlige øvrige chattere mere eller mindre er kommet for det samme formål; nemlig at chatte om sex.… continue reading »

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