Rude dating service

23-Aug-2017 01:59

On the magazine covers, all the models pose with their best smiles and come-hither looks..It sells magazines because guys like to see/stare at their pictures repeatedly..The anxiety of that, triggers extra testosterone, and adrenaline into their systems, distorting their behavior accordingly. Do you contact the companies to let them know you're not interested in their product?Essentially, by the time the guy has worked himself up to the point of saying hello, sometimes he's already a breath away from screaming. It probably just makes sense to just block anyone that messages you that you are not interested in...right away.This USED to happen in public more, so be glad you are in the internet age. Unless you are open to meeting or chit chatting with someone you would not be attracted to. Don't let it bother you, we all get rude mail at times.When you say no as you do, even if you are careful about it, it's still NO, and it still releases his angst. If you aren't interested in meeting, dating or chatting with someone...there is no reason your inbox (talking mail now) should be available to them. No need to read it unless you suspect a great stock tip. Men get angry rejections as well as polite ones and sometimes it rises to the level of blocking people.

If anyone you have interest in becomes rowdy just block them. If you're surprised and shocked by human nature I agree that perhaps you shouldn't be online.

Oh and another one asked me if my "mummy" had taught me manners, when I didn't respond to his message. I've been rejected on dating sites as well, and I have never been angry - disappointed yes, but angry ... It saddens me that someone could get so angry at a stranger over an online "rejection". If you get a rude just quit one just reading and hit the block button. Cowboy Well yes I have finally learnt to not respond unless I am interested - but what do you do when someone keeps messaging you? I do believe in manners - but I don't think they apply to online dating..can't win - if you respond with a "not interested" you get abused, if you don't respond you also get abused!

This guys, is why many women won't respond to you to even say thanks but no thanks, because I am sure this has happened to other women as well. It sounds like those guys have been rejected too many times and are taking their frustrations out on you! Not losing sleep over any of them - but yes I am genuinely surprised and shocked that people would send abusive messages to me..

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So I sometimes try to politely decline men, and I get abuse called me a "jerkoff" and blocked me .... He had messaged me a couple of times, so I thought I should let him know I wasn't interested.. Quit being bothered by it or you may not be cut out for online dating. But what about the guy that accused me of not having manners when I didn't respond?And also because some guys get pissy when I tell them I'm not interested.

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