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16-Dec-2017 07:12

Saved = False End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Before Save(By Val Save As UI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean) [is Dirty] = False End Sub If the user makes a change on Sheet1, the is Dirty flag is set to True. I don't want to use the built in Excel save before dialog at all.

I am working for a big company with a restrictive internet policy and Excel-addicted colleagues.

I think my cheap solution to do calculations in R is correct and simple ...

(for the anecdote things like Rexcel to connect R and Excel are forbidden where I work - don't ask why - so I have tried a macro which create a to launch R and do the calculation; too complex for my colleagues) But for data visualization Excel is very poor; I really miss some graphs I have in R.

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Hopefully, anyone else with this issue can update their version and see this bug has been corrected.

Dendograms, boxplots, histograms, correlation circles, summarized correlations, and heatmaps are very interesting for me, but not available. (Remember the strict internet policy; I can't download any add-ins).

Is there a (easy) way to plot complex things with macro or workbooks ? What I meant was, why not Power Point or Word with PNGs generated by R inserted into it?

In the sheet1 module put the following: Private Sub Workbook_Before Close(Cancel As Boolean) With Application . Saved = True Case Is = vb Cancel Cancel = True Go To Cleanup End Select End If End With With Application .

Calculation = xl Calculation Manual End With With Me If [is Dirty] = True Then Select Case Msg Box("Do you want to save the changes you made to '" & . ", _ vb Yes No Cancel vb Exclamation, "CUSTOM CLOSE BOX") Case Is = vb Yes Call Custom Save Case Is = vb No Me. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

(see here a general study: Excel as a statistics workbench) After a struggle of 2 weeks, I have finally got from IT a working version of R and some interesting packages.