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03-Aug-2017 17:51

Hence, the demand for a location-based app to broadcast who's single and looking.Grindr has finally caught on and released a hetero-centric version called Blendr.The search results for users in my area included gay men and straight women, even after we set my profile to indicate that I'm a woman who's into men. It's meant to be for everyone looking for everything, so it's not working for anyone.One of the primary benefits of Grindr is its clarity. My friend and I found that some people are coming to Blendr in search of a true Grindr analog."Status" on Grindr refers to whether you're HIV-positive.On Blendr, it's a space to indicate whether you’re currently eating a burrito or at a concert or whatever.As one user told me, "You can't hold a conversation with a person for more then a minute." The fact that the majority of users are male presents the bigger challenge, though: No number of bug-squashing programmers will convince straight women to use a service associated with an app for no-strings sex with strangers.

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When I did manage to start some conversations, I kept getting kicked off, and apparently it wasn't personal.

Anthony Weiner is a suave pickup artist in comparison.)The question remains how many hetero women would actually use a bona fide boning app.

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