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The castle mill was sited further along the Anker, where it was depicted in J. Also included there is the Lady Bridge to the left and the square tower of St Editha’s Church on the right.

The castle had earlier made a brief appearance in Walter Scott’s narrative poem Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field (1808).

After 1668 the castle passed to the relatives of the Ferrers, initially the Shirleys of Chartley and then in 1715 to the Comptons when Elizabeth Ferrers married the 5th Earl of Northampton.

Following his death in 1811, the castle was then let out to tenants for most of the 19th century.

During the English Civil War, it was captured by Parliamentary forces on 25 June 1643 after only a two-day siege and was garrisoned by them.In July 1645 the garrison comprised ten officers and 77 soldiers under the command of the military governor, Waldyve Willington.Owing to this use, the castle therefore escaped the slighting ordered for so many others at that period.The Marmion family, hereditary champions of the Dukes of Normandy and then of the new Kings of England, held the castle for six generations from c.1100 - 1294.

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It was during their occupancy that the castle began to be remodelled in stone, although on one occasion it was also in danger of being demolished altogether.Robert Marmion, 3rd Baron Marmion of Tamworth, deserted King John in 1215 during the turmoil of his reign.