Windows dhcp server not updating dns

15-Dec-2017 02:54

windows dhcp server not updating dns-28

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Although a one-way trust exists between the DHCP server domain and the global domain, DNS updates are not accepted coming from the sub domain (DHCP server domain).

I found that the DNS servers in the DHCP domain were getting the entries once I added the afore mentioned entries to

What is the Free BSD equivalent to the entry “send host-name = gethostname();” that works on my Linux systems? It's not interface specific, so no need to stick it in the Interfaces UI (it can simply only apply to those interfaces with DHCP checked). That would certainly address the problem Michael is having - he'd just stick NOTE: I have not confirmed that adding "send host-name = gethostname();" to /etc/would fix my issue.

That entry works on my Linux systems but I do not have a Free BSD computer to test the theory. Also when I placed items in /etc/they did not seem to effect the dhcp exchange.

windows dhcp server not updating dns-9

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What syntax rules apply to this field like how are settings separated (delimited)? All the GUI does is store the string in the database and auto-generate from it, if it exists.

My Linux machines that are properly registering a DNS entry with the global domain (for which they are members) were doing so during the join process for which we use the realmd daemon.